A Basic Overview Of Parkville, MO

Parkville, MO is located in Platte County, which itself resides along the Missouri River. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with plenty of historic sites and architecture, great restaurants, one of a kind antique stores, and a handful of wonderful art galleries. Recreational centers such as the National Golf Club are also enjoyed by the residents there. Notable educational institutes such as the Park University operate from Parkville. Overall, the town has everything you would expect from a locale nestled near the middle of the US.

Parkville, MO is around 15 and a half square miles. It is home to nearly 6,000 residents according to the most recent census. Along with the Missouri River, the town is also close to Missouri’s Kansas City and Riverside, as well as Kansas’ Kansas City.

Along with all of the man made features of Parkville, there a wide number of natural sights to enjoy. With plenty of nicely wooded areas, bluffs brimming with carved limestone, and the surrounding Missouri River, the city retains a “down to Earth” feeling that helps its residents truly feel at home. The skies are clear, the air is crisp, and the trees and grass are always lush in appearance. Many consider Parkville and Missouri in general a perfect blend of the Midwest’s weather and the East coast’s beauty.

There’s plenty to do in Parkville of course. If you want to take in the best that it has to offer from a regional standpoint, you may want to visit the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. This is a wildlife preserve run by the city itself and a wide array of volunteers. There, you can enjoy a three mile hiking trail and plenty of sight seeing opportunities. Make sure you bring a camera and comfortable shoes if you drop by!