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Court to Front Vic Youth Justice Probe

Court to front Vic youth justice probe

Victoria’s Children’s Court and the Department of Justice will appear before the parliamentary inquiry into youth justice.

The principal from Parkville College, the school within youth justice precincts, is also due to front the inquiry, with hearings due to resume in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Submissions from students inside Parkville and Malmsbury were largely positive of the education provided, despite widespread criticism of the state’s youth prisons in general.

“The adjectives I would use to describe Parkville Youth Justice Precinct are terrible, crap, boring, scary, loud, outdated, unhealthy and no freedom,” a student from the Barnett Unit wrote in the submission.

“But school on the inside is good.”

The school delivers education and support across seven locations throughout Victoria.

The inquiry will also hear from the Department of Justice, who took responsibility of the sector from the Department of Health and Human Services in March following widespread unrest.

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Professor James Ogloff, who has led a review into youth justice, is also expected to present his findings.

The sector has been under massive scrutiny following the riots and a mass escape from the Malmsbury youth justice centre in January.

Riots also rendered parts of Parkville uninhabitable so the government moved some detainees to a unit in the adult Barwon prison.

That decision sparked several court challenges – which ruled housing teen inmates in that facility was unlawful.

The inquiry begins at 10am and will also hear from the Aboriginal Children’s Commissioner.

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