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Finding The Best Trees To Plant If You Live In Missouri

Trees can be a fantastic addition to your property. Not only can they add visual interest to your outdoor space but they can also provide shade on hot summer days. A few well-placed trees can enhance your yard, creating a space where you love to spend time.

Of course, half the battle is choosing the right trees. If you live in Missouri, your best bet is to choose trees that are native to the area. That way, they will be more likely to thrive in the local climate. If you plant trees that don’t naturally grow in the state, you will have to work a lot harder to keep them healthy and happy. Sticking with trees that grow naturally in the area is a much smarter move.

One of the easiest ways to find suitable trees for your yard is by visiting a nursery or garden center. There, you can talk to a knowledgeable professional about which trees are the right choice for your yard. They should be able to provide advice based on the type of soil you have, the amount of sun that your yard gets, and the purpose that you want the trees to serve.

Alternatively, you can also do research online to learn more about which trees thrive in your area. Keep in mind, the climate in Missouri can vary quite a bit from one place to another. For instance, trees that grow well in Springfield might not do as well in St. Louis and vice versa. Because of that, you should look for your specific city or town when researching which trees to plant.

Another option is to reach out to your local county extension office. They should be able to provide you with a wealth of information about which trees do best in your local area. If necessary, they can also test your soil. This can help you determine what type of soil you have at your property, making the process of choosing trees that will thrive in your unique growing conditions that much easier.

Finding the best trees to plant if you live in Missouri is just a matter of doing proper research. By talking to professionals at nurseries and garden centers, conducting research online, and reaching out to your local county extension office, you should be able to gather all of the information that you need to make a smart choice for your landscaping project.