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Looked At Apartments In Jacksonville To Move Into

I applied for a job at work that would require me to relocate if I got it. I was ready for the change and thought I was qualified for the job. My girlfriend and I broke up and I was ready to get out of the area. The job was a few hours away in Jacksonville.

I went to work a few days after applying for the job and was told I had an interview for it the next day. I was pretty excited to hear this because I wasn’t sure I would even get that far with it. I went home later that night and prepped for the interview so I would have a better chance at getting the job. I read about things I should say and other basics. It had been awhile since I had an interview so it was good to get refreshed on everything.

The interview went great and following it, I was offered the job. I was told I could start when I got moved to the area. I told them it would be a few weeks because I would need to look at apartments in Jacksonville to move into.

I went online and searched for apartments in Jacksonville and found lots of them. I wanted to find something that was close to my job so I searched the address it was located and tried to find something close to rent. I was able to find an apartment that I wanted to rent and I contacted the landlord to get the payment set up and have it secured when I got there so I could move directly into it.

I got moved in within a few weeks and was able to start my job shortly after moving in and I love it.