Parkville man accused of drugging two teenage girls, tying them up and sexually assaulting them

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — A 50-year-old man is facing charges in Platte County alleging he brought two teenage girls to his Parkville apartment, gave them pills, tied them up, and sexually assaulted them in March.

Jerry Hinshaw

Jerry R. Hinshaw was booked on felony endangering the welfare of a child on April 6.

Court documents state that on March 15, Hinshaw met up with a 13-year-old girl at a Dollar General in Platte City and drove her back to his apartment in Parkville. The girl’s mother reported her as a runaway to the Platte City Police Department that day, records show.

After bringing the girl to his apartment, Hinshaw then left to pick up a 15-year-old Riverside girl. Both girls spent the night at Hinshaw’s apartment.

On March 19, police spoke to the 15-year-old after she was picked up by her mother. The girl told her mother that Hinshaw had raped her on March 15 and 16.

The victim told police that Hinshaw had given her and the 13-year-old each a pill that made her dizzy and sick to her stomach. She said he then took them to his bedroom, removed their clothing and tied her wrist and ankles, before raping them. The 15-year-old told police Hinshaw had done this to her several times before, when she and her mother lived with Hinshaw between March and November 2017. The incidents happened while the mother was at work, the victim said.

Hinshaw was taken into custody on April 5. He told police he gave both girls Abilify, and admitted that he got in bed with the girls and took a photo of them together.

Prosecutors have requested a $100,000 cash bond.

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