Parkville Police Locate Vehicle in River Along English Landing Park


PARKVILLE, Mo. — A water rescue in Parkville has now been downgraded to a water recovery.

According to the police chief, crews did find a vehicle in the river, but they’re still waiting on a specialized team from the Missouri State Highway Patrol with their Sonar equipment to help recover the vehicle. The Sonar camera on the scene confirmed the vehicle was under the water.

Crews have been on the scene since shortly after 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. This is approximately a half-mile away from Platte Landing Park where crews located the body of Toni Anderson and her vehicle in mid-March.

According to the police chief, an officer and a sergeant were patrolling Main Street when they noticed a vehicle driving at a faster speed than normal as it pulled into English Landing Park.

The officer said the driver never reappeared after turning into the park near the boat dock. The officer then conducted a search along the riverbank with his flashlight but couldn’t see if anyone was in the car or not.

The police chief did say it is not unusual to see people at the park this early in the morning. He said some people have fishing permits that allow them to be there between midnight and 5 a.m.

“We don’t even know if we have a body, if we even have a car,” Parkville Police Chief Kevin Chrisman said. “It appears to be a car based on where we think it went in. So we will hang onto that information until we get more confirmation as the day progresses.”

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